Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Homeschooling is all about!

A couple of months ago, one of our dear neighbors gave Noah an old go-cart. He blessed Noah by saying if you "like to tinker on things," here is an old go-cart you can have, with the warning that "it doesn't work." Noah was up to the challenge and after working on the go-cart, studying small engine mechanics and numerous trips to get parts and a couple of online purchases for parts, Noah got the go-cart to run! The first time, it ran a little then quit. However, today he and Nathan were able to drive it for about 15 minutes before the engine stopped. As you can see, they had a fun time riding the go-cart in the mud and got quite dirty!

For our family, this is what homeschooling is all about! Noah had to do a lot of research and spend his own money, but he's learned a lot about small engines and is proud of this accomplishment. He's decided he would like to take a small engine class and start a small business. We are supporting him all the way! This kind of hands-on learning is the best. We are grateful God led us to homeschool our children and we will continue to do so until He instructs us otherwise.


  1. That's awesome! Learning in real-life is always better than learning from books alone.

  2. See!!! This is why I wish MY parents were Don and Lori..... mine NEVER let me do anything fun.
    Course ..... it would be a little weird if they were my parents now ..... after all.... I am 40!!
    But I promise to make my bed!!!