Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coupon Code for Disney on Ice...Princess Wishes!

Photo compliments of FELD Entertainment

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WHAT:  Believing is just the beginning in Disney On Ice presents Princess Wishes!  Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Mulan all make their wishes come true in this collection of celebrated tales wonderfully told through artistic skating and acrobatics. 
Audiences will be transported to a world where dreams really can come true.  With the help of the magical pixie Tinker Bell, the Disney Princesses embark on an adventure to find their heart’s fondest wish. Ariel dreams of a life above the sea, Mulan finds her inner strength, Jasmine discovers a whole new world and Snow White finds her true love.  Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty also find happiness in this beautifully imagined ice show.
Starting one hour before each performance, families will be treated to the Disney Princess Pre-Show, an exclusive fairy tale collection of gowns and treasures from the Disney Princess stories. This bonus experience is free with ticket purchase and includes a special appearance by a live Disney Princess.
To learn more about Disney On Ice, visit, or visit us on Facebook and YouTube.

WHERE: Allen Event Center
200 East Stacy Road, Ste. 1350
Allen, TX 75002

WHEN: Wednesday, November 24 7:30 pm
Friday, November 26 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm
Saturday, November 27 11:30 am, 3:30 pm, 7:30 pm
Sunday, November 28 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm
TICKETS: Beginning Saturday, September 18, tickets are available at, the Allen Event Center box office or charge by phone at 1-866-443-8849.  Ticket prices are $75 (Rinkside), $45 (VIP) and $30.

***Great news! There is a family discount! Just use the promo code MOM, for a discount of $4 off Level 3 tickets for any performance! Here is the direct link to order tickets with the promo code:

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smile...It's Powerful!

Do you think of smiling as being powerful? Let me explain the power of smiling and how it had a powerful effect in our family...

One of our sons had a very bad anger problem around 5 years old...he would get angry at the drop of a hat about anything and everything! We prayed for him everyday and many people were praying for him, as well. One day as I was sitting across from him at the kitchen table, I prayed and asked God to give me wisdom as to how to handle my son's anger. Wouldn't you know it, that He gave me some of the simplest advice to follow? He simply said, "Smile." I knew immediately that He was telling me to simply smile at him more. So, I smiled and he smiled back!

Now, this may not be rocket science, and it isn't. What happens when we smile at others? They almost always smile back! Now, I'd say that's powerful, wouldn't you? Every once in awhile someone won't smile when I smile at them, but more often than not, they do! :o)

The short end to the story about our son is that now he is very pleasant and rarely shows signs of ever having an anger problem! The two things I get from this are: 1) Ask God when you encounter a situation and you need His supernatural wisdom. That's what He wants you to do! He is faithful. 2) Smile! Smiling will help you and those around you to feel good and do good too!

Two Awesome Bible Verses About the Power of Smiling

Did you know that just one single chapter in Proverbs contains two of the greatest verses on the power of smiling? I think that's so cool! :o) They are:

Proverbs 15:13  A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.

Proverbs 15:30  A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. (NIV)

God showed me something this morning that I thought was really neat! In the first verse, He says that happiness comes from the heart. In other words, if you choose to be happy on the inside, it will show on the outside!

In the other verse, it says the converse idea...that when you choose to have a cheerful look, then your heart will be joyful. In other words, put a smile on your face and you will also feel good on the inside! 

So, put a smile on your face...not only will it encourage others to do the same, but you will feel good and probably have a better attitude for doing it. ;-)

There may be times that you think "I don't have anything to smile about." When you feel this way ask God what you have to smile about. He will be faithful to show you!