Sunday, March 27, 2011

Return to the Hiding Place

Lori and I had a real treat yesterday when we heard Peter Spencer speak at the Dallas Christian Media Association meeting. Mr. Spencer shared how his friendship with one of the members of Corrie Ten Boom's "young army" of Dutch resistance during WWII lead to the creation of the film Return to the Hiding Place.

Mr. Spencer, the Director/Executive Producer, spoke of a fourteen year process of seeing his vision for the film grow from concept to script to reality. The production is a true family affair with one daughter serving as producer, one daughter acting in the film, the assistance of a son, and Mrs. Spencer spending countless hours assisting with the extensive period wardrobe.
We enjoyed several clips from the film and I'm convinced that Peter Spencer's passion for story telling has resulted in a masterful presentation of people at their best and worst.

It is evident that Mr. Spencer and his team have done a wonderful job completing the painstaking research involved in creating a film that is historically accurate and true to the philosophies and motives of the real people who lived this drama. The dialogue is thought provoking and profound especially the scenes that involve  John Rhys-Davies.

Several years ago, my wife  Lori and I had the pleasure of spending a few hours escorting Jeanette Clift George from Wichita Falls to the DFW airport. Ms. George is the actress who played Corrie Ten Boom in the original film The Hiding Place. She is a delightful person as is Mr. Spencer.

It is sad and almost beyond belief that something as horrific as the holocaust could be forgotten. Especially for me, growing up with a Jewish heritage (my grandparents were Goldstein and Abramson) and seeing the photos of my father's two brothers in their army air corp uniforms, photos that were taken a few months before their bombers were shot down over Germany and the English channel. Films like Return to the Hiding Place play a vital role.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Here are the pics I promised!

This is my new "Waring Harp." I just love it! My four year old son, Jonathan requests that I play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." (I play it as if I were playing "Beethoven's Fifth" in a huge concert hall)!

This is my Dad, "Supervising" while my daughter Janna, works on assembling the harp. It was a family project. My dear husband helped as well.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A "Harp" Deferred... Part 3

I received my package from "Waring Harps," that included the kit with all the pieces for the harp. I was excited! We ended up taking the kit to Oklahoma with us for Christmas. My Dad graciously offered his help and his very clean and organized garage for our harp construction. I was very grateful. He had all the tools I needed. So my Dad, me, my husband and my daughter Janna, all worked on various aspects of the harp building process. It was a lot of fun! Plus, it was a blessing to have a nice instrument that was made with the love from many family members. :o) I was also able to purchase a nice tuner. Although this harp stays tuned pretty well, as with most instruments, they have to be tuned frequently and for me, a digital tuner is a must! I have some pictures of the construction that I would like to add here, but I am unable to transfer them from my cell phone to my computer...ugh! I will post the pictures as soon as I'm able.