Monday, February 15, 2010

The Fog on the Bridge

Lori and I are celebrating our 18th Wedding Anniversary today! We went to breakfast for Valentine's Day yesterday and were met with a very thick fog. As we struck out across the mile long bridge near our home we could only see about 20 yards ahead of us and it looked as though we were driving into the clouds. Life feels like that to us right now, we can only see far enough ahead to proceed slowly and trust that the bridge of God's love extends beyond what we can see. God is always God, and always good. I am so blessed by my amazing wife Lori!


  1. You both are among some great company...George Mueller and Lillian Trasher are two awesome and incredible people of the Lord who's story are "blowing me away" by their faith. Incredible trust and faith in God. So many say they trust God but do they really? You my friends are an inspiration to me as I see your walk of faith, it encourages me to step out with more faith also.

    One day you may have a book chronicling your life and how God has worked in and through it. But even if you don't have a book you still have a legacy...

    Hope you both have a wonderful time celebrating your years together!

  2. Thank you Debbie. You are a blessing and an example for us too!

  3. All this mushy stuff is making me a little nauseous.......... do you have a supplement you can recommend for that?????