Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day In the Life...

I thought I would start "A Day In the Life" posts where we write about funny or interesting things that happen in a day of the Gordoni family. Here are two funny events of the day:

Jonathan, our 3 year old, said "Janna give me some paper!" (She was distracted as she was on the computer for her computer time for the week) And again, "Janna! Give me some paper!" Then, me saying, "Jonathan, use your kind words." Then, he said in a very sweet voice, "Janna, will you please give me some paper?"

Earlier, while I was checking my email, Josiah came up to me with a little flashlight he was holding in his wide-open mouth, saying "Ma...look at dis! What's dat yittle ting hanging down in da back  my mouf?" "It's called a Uvula, Josiah." "Yeah...look at dat!" While at the same time that was going on, Hannah was asking "Mom, how does Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem go?" While at the same time, my oldest two girls were rolling around in the floor, pretend crying about having to do their math homework! 

And that was just a few brief minutes of our I always say, "Never a Dull Minute!" :o)

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