Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smile...It's Powerful!

Do you think of smiling as being powerful? Let me explain the power of smiling and how it had a powerful effect in our family...

One of our sons had a very bad anger problem around 5 years old...he would get angry at the drop of a hat about anything and everything! We prayed for him everyday and many people were praying for him, as well. One day as I was sitting across from him at the kitchen table, I prayed and asked God to give me wisdom as to how to handle my son's anger. Wouldn't you know it, that He gave me some of the simplest advice to follow? He simply said, "Smile." I knew immediately that He was telling me to simply smile at him more. So, I smiled and he smiled back!

Now, this may not be rocket science, and it isn't. What happens when we smile at others? They almost always smile back! Now, I'd say that's powerful, wouldn't you? Every once in awhile someone won't smile when I smile at them, but more often than not, they do! :o)

The short end to the story about our son is that now he is very pleasant and rarely shows signs of ever having an anger problem! The two things I get from this are: 1) Ask God when you encounter a situation and you need His supernatural wisdom. That's what He wants you to do! He is faithful. 2) Smile! Smiling will help you and those around you to feel good and do good too!

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