Friday, January 21, 2011

A Day In the Life...Some Funny things

These events just happened...Hopefully, they will at least give you a little chuckle for your day! :o)
  • Last night when I was working on the taxes, John yelled out "Mary's bum is hurting!" Then, Mary walked over to me, while pulling her pants down and exposing her "bum" said, "Will you kiss my bottom?" (She will ask me to kiss her "boo boo's" and then she will ask me, "Does it feel better, Mommy?" And, I'll say, "Yes, it feels all better now, Mary.")
  • While riding in the car, Hannah, Faith and I were having a conversation about babies in the womb. We were talking about how the babies are formed in the uterus, when Hannah said, "I remember when Mary was born and the midwife talked about the plate feeding her." I said..."What???" She said "I remember about Mrs. Joyce telling me that they feed the baby with the plate!" I said, "She said they feed the feed the baby with a plate? What are you talking about? Oh! You mean the placenta! Not the plate! Yes, the baby is given oxygen and food through the placenta!" LOL! She had the right idea, just the wrong word. I do that ALL the mother, like daughter!
  • We are keeping our friend's dog "Freckles." Earlier today, Freckles sat down on our "Wiggles" play guitar and it sounded like the song was coming out of the dog's rear end! But, even funnier, the song that started playing was "Wags The Dog!" That was funny! He just sat there, while "Wags the Dog" was playing under his rear! LOL!

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  1. I have to ask....did you kiss her bum?

    I love when children say things that aren't right and yet are very right...