Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A "Harp" Deferred... Part 3

I received my package from "Waring Harps," that included the kit with all the pieces for the harp. I was excited! We ended up taking the kit to Oklahoma with us for Christmas. My Dad graciously offered his help and his very clean and organized garage for our harp construction. I was very grateful. He had all the tools I needed. So my Dad, me, my husband and my daughter Janna, all worked on various aspects of the harp building process. It was a lot of fun! Plus, it was a blessing to have a nice instrument that was made with the love from many family members. :o) I was also able to purchase a nice tuner. Although this harp stays tuned pretty well, as with most instruments, they have to be tuned frequently and for me, a digital tuner is a must! I have some pictures of the construction that I would like to add here, but I am unable to transfer them from my cell phone to my computer...ugh! I will post the pictures as soon as I'm able.

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