Saturday, January 16, 2010

An update on the Gordoni family

Here is a quick update of some things going on with our family (More details later):
  1. BABY #11 is on the way!!!!!
  2. Don has been cast a movie called "Framed!" He will play the role of a pastor. The shooting schedule has not been set yet.
  3. We are excited about developments with After Eden Pictures. However, we won't be receiving an income for some time, so Don is actively seeking opportunities to keep the family fed. :o) (He is a "jack of all trades" and can do almost anything). So, give him a call if you think of anything that he can do for you! 214-578-2644
  4. Nathan just got his driver's license!
  5. Noah successfully revived an old go-cart that a neighbor gave him. It wasn't running when he received it and now it's fully functional!

1 comment:

  1. That is exciting news about the casting!!! And Congrats about the new baby coming!!! It's good to see you on here and get filled in about what is going on in your family!!!