Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes, you CAN exercise! :o) The 4 E's (Exercise can be Easy, Economical and Enjoyable)

I was visiting with a couple of dear friends last week and they told me that they don't like to exercise and that it is hard for them to find the time to exercise. I hear this all the time! Believe me, as a mother of 10 children (9 at home) and one on the way, due Aug. 9, 2010...I know how hard it is to find the time to exercise. I also know that we make the time to do the things that are important to us. How important do you make exercising regularly? Is it something you do almost everyday, or just the days you have the energy, or just once in awhile when it's convenvient? Think about it...

My conversation with my friends inspired this blog, because I want to share how easy, economical and enjoyable exercising can be (the 4 E's)! :o) The main thing to remember, is that exercising doesn't have to last a long time. When I'm not pregnant, just 10 minutes a day on the mini-trampoline (rebounder) works wonders and makes for a great workout!

Let me share what I do each day, now that I'm pregnant. I have 3 fitness DVD's that I often rotate between. The one I use everyday (except "free" day) is one of Leslie Sansone's 5- mile walking DVD's, She has such a variety of amazing workouts, I know you will find at least one, that you would enjoy! Plus, she has a great personality and that helps a lot when you're watching the same DVD each day. She has some workouts that are set to praise music, as well.
Since I am pregnant, I also enjoy Leisa Hart's pregnancy workout I have been doing this one for the last 4 pregnancies and I love it! When I combine it with the 5-mile workout from Leslie Sansone, I don't do the whole workout, just the "Yoga Fat Burn" section. It's great for giving you energy and stretching you all over and preparing your body for labor and delivery.
The third one I like to do during pregnancy (and when I'm not pregnant) is Teresa Tapp's "Step It To the Max" DVD Don't let the "Max" part scare you, but if it does, there's an easier one called Step Away the Inches. You can buy them more cheaply in a set.

Now, that I've mentioned my favorite workouts, I have to tell you that you can make all of these as easy or as hard as you like! With Leslie Sansone's DVD, you can choose to do 1,2,3,4 or all 5 miles a day. On days when I have more energy, I will add ankle and/or hand weights to help workout my muscles even more!
The other thing I do, is listen to my Curves Freedom Fitness CD's while I do the workouts. I don't mind watching the DVD's everyday, with the sound off, but I do not like listening to the narration and same music on the videos everyday. So, I put the Curves praise music on my cell phone and the beat is perfect for doing all my workouts. Plus, these 3 are all set to Christian Lyrics (Praise music) and I love that! Sometimes I will play them out loud when I exercise and if the children are awake, I will hear some of them singing the praise songs. Most days, I listen to the music with my ear buds. These CD's also help put me in a "worshipful" mood while I'm exercising and I especially like that!

With a small amount of investment (less than $50) or more, you can have a great workout each day, that you can customize creative! And, depending on how you are feeling that particular day, do more or less. For most of us, we have days when we have more energy than others, but especially when we're pregnant, we have to make sure and monitor our energy levels and workouts accordingly.

You will never regret making exercise a part of your daily routine! And, remember the 4 E's! Exercise can (and should be) be Easy, Economical and Enjoyable!

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