Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bite, Bite?, Bite Please

We are blessed with lots of fresh eggs due to some generous neighbors who bring them to us often. We are also fortunate to have several egg chefs too, the most popular recepe requires gentle frying in coconut oil until the yokes are that perfect consistancy just between liquid and solid state, and salt, pepper, and parmisian cheese... Whenever someone is enjoying a few eggs Mary, our almost two year old, is usually near by saying "bite, bite?, bite please." As you can imagine she gets plenty of could we possibly resist.
Mary has set a great example for us to follow in our relationship with our heavenly father. We need to have a nose for something good, draw near, and persitently and politely ask until He satisfys us. The only trouble for me is believing that I could ever look as attractive to God as Mary does to me. But then again, with the covering of Christ, I am His beloved child!

Are you drawing near to the One who loves you more than you can imagine and asking for fulfilment?

I could write more but for some reason I'm hungry now.

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