Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God's Timing is Perfect!

This journey our family is on is such a journey of faith...and it's an incredible, fun-filled journey! I've already talked about Don resigning his previous job and dealing with the financial challenges of starting up a new business with After Eden Pictures.  We know we are right in the middle of God's will and every time we are tempted to doubt, God is right there to encourage us...at the most unexpected times...from the most unexpected people!

Sometimes His encouragement comes in the form of others blessing us with their words. Sometimes His encouragement comes from tangible gifts like food, clothing or money. God is so creative and He knows what we need...and when we need it! We haven't wanted or needed for anything and we've been able to pay all our bills on time. The only exception to that, Don said, was when he wrote the check for a bill and God told him that morning to pay it. But, Don knew we didn't have the money in our account, so he held on to it to let it be late. And do you know, that money was provided and in our account by the end of the banking day! Don said he learned a big lesson about being obedient to the Lord that day.

Let me tell you about a way God provided for us two weeks ago: Don and I were in bad need of a date! However, we had no money. Don suggested we sell the rest of our books to Half Price Books, knowing that they pay very little for books. We picked through the rest of our books and found some to sell. Don was even willing to part with some old books that we've had for years and that was HUGE for him to be willing to part with them! I remembered the set of Elsie Dinsmore books we had for the s to read and I was finally ready to part with those.

So, we loaded up our books and headed out for our date! On the way, we prayed for God's favor in the selling of our books...

Half Price Books was so busy that day, that we had to wait in the store for an hour until they got to them, but we enjoyed the time in the store together, playing Scrabble on my cell phone. We watched as the store employee started going through our books, when a man walked in the store...as the store employee picked up the Elsie Dinsmore books to place them on the counter with the others, the man walked up to him and said, "I'd like to buy that set of books in your hand." The store employee told him that if we accept their offer to buy them, he can buy that set.

Don and I were wondering if that man inquiring about that set of books, at just the right time, would impact our offer or not...well, it did! They offered us $40! Now, that may not seem like much, especially when we could sell them on Ebay (we didn't have time for that), but for Half Price Books, that's a lot! Don asked him if the man inquiring about the Elsie Dinsmore books had any effect on the offer and the man said, "Because he offered to buy that set of books, I gave you the highest amount I possibly could!"

We were so excited and grateful...I was only hoping for $15-$20! We had enough money to go out to eat and go get dessert and have $17 left over for gas for the truck! That might not seem like much to some of you...but, to see God work in our lives like that is amazing! God worked out the timing of the store employee looking at our books and the timing of the gentleman waking in the store and walk by, just in time to see that particular set of books in the man's hands...God's timing IS perfect! And we can trust Him for everything...even a badly needed date with our spouse! :o)


  1. You gotta love God's perfect time AND supply!!
    Thanks for sharing!! 8^)