Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lori's Top 10 Reasons to Look Up!

LOOK UP...For your health and for your relationships!

Colossians 3:2 - Keep your minds on things that are above (heavenly things), 
not on things that are on the earth (worldly things).

One day, awhile back... Don and I went on a date to California Pizza Kitchen to eat. Upon waiting for our table, a family with two teenage boys walked in. Each boy was looking down at his cell phone playing a game individually, the mom was also looking down at her phone
texting, and the Dad??? guessed it! He was looking down at his cell phone too! I thought, "How said is that! None of them is interacting with one another because they are distracted with looking down and interacting with...their phones!" Granted, a couple of them may be texting with friends or family, but no interaction within their immediate family was taking place at all...

Anytime I am feeling "down," my husband says to "look up!" Why is it that we don't want to look up when we're feeling down? As I was pondering this question, I came up with my top 10 list for reasons to physically look up with our eyes...are you ready? Drum roll please...the top 10 reason to look up are:

10) Look up to the beautiful sky and sun! The sun gives us energy and therefore, energizes us!

9) Looking up is the opposite of looking down (Hell is down...Satan is down...think about it...)

8) Cell phones (
texting, games, etc.) cause us to look electronics instead of people...yuck!

7) Depressed people look don't want to be depressed, do you???

6) Looking up will help you feel better!

5) Looking up is good exercise for your eyes, so it must be healthy for your whole body!

4) Looking up causes you to be more aware of what is going on around you (less likely to be a victim).

3) Looking up, I believe, increases endorphins and that's always good.

2) Looking up will help you feel "up" instead of "down..." think about it!;)

And the #1 reason to look up???

1) Heaven is up! Let's look up to Heaven...and to our Heavenly Father...I know that pleases Him!;-)


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  2. Thanks Lori, These are really 10 great reasons to "look up" and they are very encouraging and helpful! Thanks. Blessings, Pamela Bartlette :)