Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A "Harp" Deferred...! Part 2

After looking around, I couldn't find any decent harps in the "dirt cheap" category...(surprise, surprise)! The least inexpensive harps I could find (other than a lap harp...and that was out of the question), were the Heather Harps, produced by "Mid East Manufacturers." However, I read many articles and blogs advising against these harps because they are poorly made, etc. I was not to be discouraged though, so I pressed on...

To my surprise, I ran across an article where someone recommended "Waring Harps." He said they are harp kits that you put together yourself. He went on to say, that for a homemade harp, these have a clear sound! That piqued my interest! In looking for a harp, you want one with a clear sound.

Although I don't consider myself an expert "Harp builder," after looking on the website, etc., I decided that this was the harp for me! I was excited! :o) I called Mr. Waring and talked to him in person. He was very nice. When inquiring about a case for the harp, I found out that he has custom-made cases for an additional amount. I did read where someone said, if you buy a harp such as this, you definitely want a case to protect it. Well, with 11 children, when I spend that much money, I would HAVE to have protection for it! Besides, having a case for any harp is a good idea even in ideal circumstances. 

I ended up having enough money to purchase the harp, a custom-made case and a "Sylvia Woods-Learning to Play the Folk Harp" book!  Mr. Waring also has a "learning to play the folk harp book" and it is a very good book, that I highly recommend.

Stay tuned, (pun intended) for my next blog installment where I will share the details about building and tuning my new harp!

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