Tuesday, May 17, 2016

THEO: Great Children's Videos

Our family had the pleasure of being introduced to a new-to-us animated series called Theo. There are several titles. We watched Theo: Teaching Children God's Word.

The DVD is organized into four brief videos that highlight Bible stories. Theo is a kindly old sage who interacts with two mischief making mice, Luther and Belfry, that live in his country cottage. The writing is clever and the 2D animation is well done and reminded me of the Adventures in Odyssey series.  The DVD also comes with a helpful study guide.

Our children enjoyed the DVD and were eager to watch all the episodes!

There are also some very interesting Special Features on the DVD. I enjoyed being introduced to the creator of the series and learning how the animation was done. Kids who are interested in animating can get a very informative introduction!

Theo is produced by Whitestone Media. Thanks to FishFlix.com for sending a sample of Theo Volume 1 - God's Love DVD in exchange for an honest review.  You can get this and many other Christian Movies at FishFlix.com.

To sample Theo for yourself download the free episode Good News at http://www.theopresents.com/products/good-news. There are also free coloring pages available.

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