Saturday, May 21, 2016

Our Family Target

 Have fun together often.

Stimulate a hopeful disposition with a constant appetite for Heaven & the eternal state.

Encourage & train family members to be wise & faithful stewards of the resources placed under their control so that they will be responsible caretakers, generous givers & cheerful tithers.

Prayerfully arrange for family members to be mentored and befriended by people who will encourage them to discover & pursue God’s plan.

Raise children who have an accurate understanding of their talents and gifts. Arrange opportunities for them to develop & employ their passions in the advancement of God’s kingdom through their daily life and vocation.

Worship together in the home and with other members of the body of Christ.

Discover the truth of God’s word together through regular Bible reading & study.

Raise children who honor and respect their parents

Raise children who desire to love the Lord with all their hearts & come to know Him as savior at an early age.

Live other centered lives.

Honor one another through kind speech & loving action.

Testify about salvation thru Jesus Christ – in word and deed.

Glorify God – Serve the Lord with gladness & obedience.

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